August 18, 2017
Saugatuck Mini Sessions•The Gomez Family (Michigan Beach Photographer)
This family was so adorable. And, I'm not gonna lie, they are gorgeous! I truly hope to spend more time capturing th...
August 18, 2017
Sauagatuck Mini Session•The Wiard Family (Michigan Family Photographer)
Saugatuck definitely exceeded my expectations with it's food, fun, and beaches. We had a great time even if the wind put a damper ...
August 18, 2017
Klinger Lake Family Session (Michigan Family Photographer)
It's busy season and no matter how hard I try I am never prepared for the flux of activities. So many activities! Working vacati...
August 9, 2017
Grand Rapids Child’s Session (Michigan Documentary Photographer)
This is Lily, she has a rare disease called Fanconi Anemia which led to her being born with no thumbs but you would never know it....
August 3, 2017
Lake Michigan Family Session (Weko Beach Family Photographer)
From the moment I stepped on the beach until the final image was snapped, the weather shifted and changed the lighting and wind. ...
August 2, 2017
Celery Flats Family Session (Kalamazoo Family Photographer)
Fairy tale sunsets, magical fawns, and lots of laughter...just a typical family session with me.