May 17, 2019

Joe + Kendra | Covered Bridge Farm Wedding | Centreville Michigan Wedding Photographer

The day started out with grey skies but light hearts. Joe and Kendra were so excited to get married and enjoy all their friends and family at their intimate wedding in Centreville, Michigan.

Rain threatened to bring their outdoor spring wedding inside as the wind picked up, gusting at about 30 mph. None of that could stop the smiles and and laughter that were shared with all the guest as strangers quickly became friends all around me.

The girls were stuck in the bathroom, so why not shoot some photos to pass the time? So much fun! And Joe couldn’t help but shed a tear as he watched his beautiful bride be led down aisle by her father-the person who was marrying them!

It was a great day so full of love and laughter. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Stonebraker!


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