Jenna and Caleb have known each other almost their entire lives. Born and raised in the same small, polish based city in Michigan, everyone there knows everyone and generations go back years and years. I lived in that same small city for about 20 years, so when I heard that these two had fallen in love I was thrilled! They are so good together!

Jenna and Caleb were supposed to get married at Ancestral Acres in 2020, but we all know how that year went (insert anxious emoji here.) Instead, they went to the courthouse and said their "I do's" in front of a magistrate, just the two of them, on the date their original wedding was supposed to happen.

Jenna and Caleb's "second" wedding day was everything they dreamed of the first time they began planning their wedding. Family and friends surrounded them and showered them with love and laughter and hugs. Ancestral Acres was the perfect location for this celebration of faith and joy.

Congratulations, again, Jenna and Caleb! Thank you for the honor of photographing your wedding and your life. I am blessed and honored.


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