This is a gorgeous dress by Reclamation.
It is part of a traveling dress group.
It will be photographed by a group of photographers all over the U.S.
When I got this dress I had no clue how I wanted to photograph it.
Everyone I had seen up to now had been photographed in open fields, mountains, forests, or trendy studio locations.
I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to embody the Midwest. To utilize the beauty we have to offer.
So, I spent some time thinking about what it meant to travel through Indiana and Michigan.
Yes, the first thing I thought of was corn, but then I thought of open fields and views that are forever.
I thought of dirt roads and slow flowing streams. I began having visions of wildflowers and pine trees.
I knew the first location I wanted to use needed to have a view for miles and something Midwest, so I chose a soybean field!

We somehow lucked out and clouds rolled in as soon as we rolled up to our destination: the middle of nowhere.
Winds had been gusting at 30 miles per hour all day so I was excited to see how the dress would flow with the wind and it was perfection!
Adriana made the perfect model for my first session and wore the dress like she lived in it.
I can’t believe how incredibly blessed I am to call this my career.
It’s sometimes so overwhelming!
I’d also like to give a little shout out to my new friends Sharon + Ken, who welcomed me like family onto their beautiful property.

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